I am a Michigan based artist who grew up along the Grand River, gaining inspiration from the nature scenes that unfolded in the mud beneath my bare feet, and the seed pods between my fingers. I developed a passion for drawing at a young age which grew into a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Grand Valley State University with an emphasis in Illustration. I have shown both regionally and nationally in both group and solo shows.  I now work and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I am focusing on large scale drawing, children’s books and sculpture.




Humans seem to have a double perception of nature; it is either something to be glorified, or something to be dominated. We relish in it’s beauty, in the wild’s ability to captivate our senses and entice us with it’s raw and untouched will and believe that if humans were eliminated from the earth, the system in place would carry on forever through evolution and symbiosis; nature void of humanity is harmony. On the other side, we have power over nature. We surpass its slow growth with our advanced tools. We have language, we have emotion, we have souls and science, we have choice and these abilities make us kings.

The problem with this double perception is that we are then both within nature itself and simultaneously outside of it. We cannot see ourselves a both part of the system, and destroyers of it, for hypocrisy is an unacceptable trait. Yet in truth, animals make choices, have feelings, laugh and share. They garden, babysit and mourn their dead. We discover these things that we want to declare as being strictly human to be part of glorified nature and we do this every day. The divisions we hold in our minds are being constantly broken down by science, man’s most honest invention.

In my work, I am combining animals, plants, and situations to create discussion about our many perceptions. I feel that the basic stories of feeding, migration, shelter, mating, and self awareness are an essential part of our inner being and affect our view of the world both around us and within us.


Materials: Pen, ink, newsprint, scrapbook paper, watercolor, lace, fur, paper clay, beads, energy, naps, movies and books on tape.

Interests: Bones, collections, old photographs, Oriental rugs, thunder storms, locally grown food, dinosaur exhibitions, flea markets, road bicycles, magazine stands, good coffee, dead bugs, goose eggs.